Y M Health Life – A unique natural health spa designed for you.

Y M Health Life offers a wide range of uncommon hot stone spa room entirely paved with different natural ores that suit specific groups and needs, and furnishes a high degree of personal space.  Friends, couples and families are welcome to enjoy it together.

Each type of ore has its own effect.  We will select the right treatment for you based on your needs.  Through hot stone spa, hot stone yoga, anion health urn and different unique health therapies, your body would be recovered naturally and allow your self-healing system to regain.  The accelerated metabolism makes you younger, prettier and healthier.

Full day electrolyzed water supply

From the moment you start to enjoy our services, we have prepared alkaline water produced from Izumi Ionizer BTM207D electrolyzed water machine.  This machine has been registered in U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Alkaline water has rich minerals that can detox your body, maintain internal balance and remove free radicals. The molecule of electrolyzed water is finer than normal water, so your body can rehydrate quickly during treatment and result in better health and fitness.

Comprehensive Cleaning

We fully understand your concern about hygiene of our rooms, facilities and places.   We use pH 3.5 acidic water with essential oil to keep spa rooms clean.  Chloride in acidic water can sterilize and disinfect effectively. Most detergents contain different kinds of chemical substances, which will release materials harmful to our bodies when they are heated.  That’s why we have selected pH3.5 acidic water with essential oil for cleaning, and thus to maintain the safest and most hygienic environment for you.

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The following video presents our hot stone spa, which is designed exclusively for you, hope you enjoy it.

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